A Cannabidiol Way of Life

The overarching goal of human existence is to minimize pain and to maximize pleasure. Be it physical or emotional, pain is something that we are all familiar with and it might be safe to say it’s not something we like. In an attempt to improve the human experience, people have turned to home remedies for answers. What we have found in this search is a little something called Marijuana. A plant, with psycho active properties, that hosts over 113 different chemicals and just so happens to be an excellent choice against all pains.

Marijuana has been accredited with pain management, depression relief, anti-anxiety, and other mood altering and life enhancing properties. Marijuana has also been called the devils lettuce and even classified as an illegal substance (in some places around the world). This leave us, the consumers, in a state of ambivalence; should we or should we not indulge in … Read the rest