5 Simple Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

What is a healthier lifestyle? This question comes in everyone’s mind. In simple words, a healthier lifestyle means to eat healthy foods, do exercise, don’t drink too much alcohol, keep your mind cool etc.  A healthier lifestyle is must for every human who wants to live more without any disease. But today’s lifestyle is busy and we are still missing our balance diet in daily life after knowing all the facts. Everyone including children are eating pizza, burger, wafers, soft drinks etc to getting sick from obesity, vision problem, concentration level is getting week day by day.  And the result, all are depends on several types of medicines. Everyone is taking substitutes of vitamins, minerals, calcium and nutrients in form of medicines which is not good as body wants the energy from the natural items.

Here are some steps which we can admire in our life to be healthy.

Balance diet : Every human being follows the balance diet. They must take their breakfast, lunch and dinner. We need the food for growth of our body. Every human has different diet requirements, like a infant needs a milk in every 2-3 hours until they grow and eat other solid foods. Children and adults needs a meal three times a day in which breakfast is very important for the body. They can eat eggs, oatmeals, fruits, juice, milk etc high protein diet in their breakfast. Every human must not miss their breakfast as it gives the most energy to the body to work for entire day. In lunch, humans can eat curd, chapatis, pulses, lentils, rice etc. In dinner, they can intake light food because body needs less in night as rest is more important for the body in night. Humans must intake fruits in their daily diet.

Exercise: Physical activity and exercise is must for humans in daily life. They must do exercise in morning as it the very important part of healthier lifestyle. Doing daily exercise can reduce the chances of getting old, and also reduces the chances of falling sick and also from chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure and from obesity. Daily exercise also control the weight of the body and maintain the BMI(body mass index) between 18-25 as per the body shape and size. One hour of daily exercise is essential for healthier lifestyle as also recommended by the doctors. A thirty minutes of daily walking is also good for health. You can also do the exercise in intervals with breaks of 10 minutes. If you are not comfortable with the exercise or walking, you can start slow, and gradually increase the time of exercise as it gives you the benefit only.

Drink Water: Drink at least 4-5 litres of water daily as water is most important for the body. Water helps the body to function properly. Water keeps us hydrated, and flush out the toxins from the body and also keeps us more energetic. As you know around 60-70 % of water is present in body and helps in cells, tissues and maintain the body temperature. Water also protects our joint, spinal cord etc. Water also helps in throw out the waste through the urine from the body. Pregnant women should ask with the doctors regarding the consumption of water as their body uses more fluids in pregnancy mostly in breast feeding. Now a days, several water purifier are also available in market, you can use those purifier to purify the water and intake for the health of your body.

Eat Vegetables: Eating vegetable is very important for healthier lifestyle. Doctors also recommend that eating 4-5 types of vegetable a day is must for healthier lifestyle as vegetables are the good source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, which the body requires the most for grow, for good immune system and to work properly. Peoples who intake the vegetable in daily routine have low chances of getting chronic diseases.  Vegetables also contains potassium, fiber, folic acid, and vitamins. You can eat spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, which are also known as superfoods. Eating a rich vegetables may reduce the chances of getting the risk of strokes, cancer, heart attacks, diabetes as research has proves. Nature has gives us plenty of vegetables and every single vegetable contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins in good amount. In fact, nature do not charge anything for these gifts which is must for the human body as this is the fuel for body.

Good Sleep: Good sleep is must for healthier lifestyle as it will increase our age, peoples looks fresh after 7-8 hours of sleep. Doctors also suggest to sound sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Make sure nothing will disturb in your sleep. Good sleeps also reduces your stress level. You can do good in your daily life. You will be in a good mood in whole day if you take good and sound sleep. Your relations with other peoples are also getting good day by day as you feel fresh, energetic and do not have any stress. A research has prove that the good sleep increases your concentration level and you do your office work with more energy. If you do not sleep well, it will increase the chances of heart attack, obesity etc. You have only benefits of sleep well. Even a quick power nap during the day can increase your productivity and overall sense of wellbeing.

Its already prove that healthier lifestyle is very important for the human body, as its increase your life, reducing the risk of several chronic diseases, build strong immune system. You also have a good social life if you follow healthier lifestyle as its make you more energetic, looks fresh, more confident. You fnds a healthier lifestyle by admire few good habits in your life. “Eat well and live well” is a proverb you can follow for good healthier lifestyle. You must find some time for yourself as it will gives you the benefits only. Every human have to work for his family but some time a day for yourself is also mandatory to live a long and healthy life. You have to take the oath to adopt the above mentioned healthier lifestyle tips.