How Do I Unlock My Cricket Phone for Verizon?

Cricket Wireless is one of the major prepaid wireless service carrier in the United States which is completely owned by AT&T Inc which is one of the largest telecommunications service providers. The company offers mobile text, voice, and data services across the nation. It offers various products and services to customers around the nation.

Both Verizon Wireless and Cricket Wireless provides phones that utilize SIM cards. These types of cell phones are very easy to unlock because you need only a subsidy unlock code to unlock your phone that should be entered at the proper time. When you unlock a cell phone it eliminates the network usage restrictions that were installed by the company of the phone.

In order to get the subsidy unlock code for free, you will need to contact Cricket customer support department. So, call up the support service and get your subsidy unlock code and remove the restrictions to get access to the phone.

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Steps to unlock Cricket phone for Verizon

You can unlock your Cricket phone and use it with Verizon network by replacing the SIM. Follow the below steps to unlock your Cricket phone in no time:

Step 1

First of all, you need to dial *#06# on your Cricket phone that will display IMEI number which is needed by Cricket Wireless in order to generate the subscribe unlock code. You can also find the IMEI which is printed on the sticker located under the battery.

Step 2

Now, what you need to do is to dial *611 in order to call Cricket’s customer support department. After this you can request the representative to provide the subsidy unlock code for your cell phone.

Step 3

Request for certain instructions on how to enter the code. Every phone brand has a different procedure for entering the unlock code. While in case of some phone you need to insert a SIM card from any other company, some phones require a specific sequence of numbers before the code in order to have it to work.

Step 4

Once you obtain all the information to unlock your phone, follow that instructions to unlock the phone. After following all the instructions successfully, you will be able to unlock your Cricket phone and then use this phone with the Verizon or any other network. What you need is simply go to the Verizon store and buy a new SIM card then use it with your phone.

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With the above steps, you can easily unlock your Cricket phone without requiring using any type of tools or software even without paying a single penny. But if you encounter any type of issues with your Verizon phone, Internet, or television services, you can contact experts to get immediate help to resolve such problems. Verizon prepaid customer service number 1800 lets you connect with the tech experts and help resolve your Verizon Wireless service issues in no time.

You can get rid of all type of issues with the wireless service you are facing. You can contact the tech experts at any point of time whether day or night. Our tech professionals are available all the time.

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