How to Create an Omni-Channel Experience for Your Audience?

You might be having your own business website or mobile app, but is this enough? Or you need to invest in Omni-channel experience?

With the advent of new technologies, the end users have become more demanding. They have started asking for more interactive services. This drift in their behavior has compelled the brands to think beyond desktop, mobile, or wearable experience. It has made the brands to look for a holistic marketing approach – an Omnichannel experience.

Omni-Channel Experience Marketing

It refers to a marketing approach that enables customers to enjoy brand services via multiple platforms. Wondering if it is same as Multi-channel marketing?

Though both the strategies resemble a lot, they are not the same. The multi-channel approach is to make services available on different platforms. Whereas, the omni-channel experience approach is to integrate all the platforms to deliver a seamless experience.

Sounds confusing? Let’s take an example.

Suppose, you searched for a pair of jeans on a desktop website. You purchased it from a physical store, paid via an app and shared the feedback via phone call. This freedom to use different platforms into a single process is called Omni-channel experience approach.

Now, as you know, what is Omni-channel marketing is, let’s jump to the benefits of this marketing approach:-

Advantages of Omni-channel Experience Approach

Some of the benefits of considering this marketing strategy are:-

  • Optimized user engagement

Customers want all the information/services available on their terms. They want your brand to be available on all the marketing channels they use. By making your brand omnipresent in real-time, you can provide them with the freedom to interact anywhere. This, in turn, will improve the communication flow and boost user engagement.

  • Customer-focused services

By making your brand available the way users want to interact, you can provide exquisite customer-focused services. This will eventually maintain the customer loyalty and add to the business profits.

  • Abundant Data Generation

Omni-channel experience strategy renders you higher insights from multiple channels. This generated data can be used in real-time for ensuring frictionless customer services. Besides, it can be considered for discovering the inefficiencies in the branding process and plan accordingly.

Considering that you are now well-versed with the benefits of this marketing approach, are you ready to invest in it? If so, pay attention to the following factors for a profitable future.

Factors to Consider for Creating Omni-Channel Experience

  • Understand your customers.

For a positive response from this marketing approach, be customer-centric. Ask the following questions for taking a profitable decision:

    • What platforms are your users active on?
    • How do they use them?
    • How can you make your brand/services available on these platforms?
    • How many potential users you will gain?

This analysis will help you to assess the potential platforms and eventually, employ them for better ROI.

  • Turn towards smartphone – the core of Omnichannel experience network.

Smartphones have become the most prominent customer engagement tool. According to a report, 80% of internet users perform almost every task from their smartphones. For example, they search a store via a smartphone. They find direction, make phone calls, buy the product, and even pay using smartphones. This clearly indicates the essence of enhancing your mobile customer experience. In short, the dire need to invest in mobile app development.

  • Determine the payment channel.

Customers are ditching cash. They are switching to credit cards, mobile wallets and other payment solutions. Yet, not all have moved on. So, determine which payment channel your target audience prefer. Look into the payment integration process and eventually, deliver an exceptional Omni-channel experience.

Besides, don’t forget to invest in cross-channel payment mechanism. Offer multiple payment methods, including dynamic currency conversion, and multilingual checkouts.

  • Invest in Data Management Practices

As the business processes flow through different channels, it is required to manage real-time user data. This, on one side, will help you to deliver a seamless customer experience. While, on the other side, will enable you to understand customer behavior and boost marketing.

  • Implement Cross-channel security

To serve your end users with a commendable omnichannel experience, it is necessary to minimize the risk of frauds. This implies you need to invest in a multi-factor authentication system to serve end users with safe and reliable Omni-channel experience.

  • Consider Agile approach

From a linear medium to omnichannel – the market has come a long way. And with the emergence of new technologies and concepts, it’ll continue in the same way. This has made the necessity of having a scalable business strategy. A strategy where you can make changes at any module anytime, without affecting the existing things and wasting time, efforts, and money. In short, you need to look forward to Agile mobile app development approach.

As already covered in this blog, the Omni-Channel experience is an exciting marketing approach. The strategy lets the brands and customers connect in real-time on multiple channels and enjoy a frictionless experience even when the platform is changed. The approach is really helpful to keep the users hooked to your brand/services in the present hyper-competitive market. So, look forward to it.

In case of any doubt or advice,  drop a comment below.