iQOS smoking device to be launched in India – Philip Morris has high hopes for the Indian market

As per what the reporters of Reuter reveal, Philip Morris has planned to introduce the brand new iQOS smoking device to India. They’re already a tobacco giant and they’re now planning to create a foothold in the country which boasts of having the second-biggest population of smokers. According to what Philip Morris says, the iQOS looks like a pen and it doesn’t burn tobacco but it certainly produces a vapor which comprises of nicotine rather than smoke. This makes this device less toxic for humans as compared to traditional cigarettes. The company has high hopes of capturing the Indian market in such a way that there will come a day when cigarette selling will be stopped.

India has also got strict laws to prevent tobacco usage as the government is of the opinion that smoking kills more than 900,000 people in every year. Nevertheless, at the same time, the nation also has 108 million adult smokers, a number which lies just second to China, as per studies done by the WHO or the World Health Organization. This makes India a rather profitable market for Philip Morris.

As per a government source, New Delhi, the capital of India would embrace the idea if Philip Morris approached the discussion with him. According to the lawmakers of the capital, if it is proved that e-cigarettes cause less harm as a device to the smokers, they can go with it but if it is just the opposite, then it might be banned here in India. Although Philip Morris approached this, the health ministry didn’t offer any response to this comment.

Now Philip Morris plans the strategies to put forward for the iQOS launch in India and this would probably include work on pricing, branding and also reaching the regulators of law and the media. The top corporate executive, R. Venkatesh has been interviewing several candidates who could concentrate on the launch of iQOS. The company is all set to bring forth a strategy to make it seem like a less risky product.

While they’re not interested in commenting on their plans of launching the product, yet they have emphasised on working hard to eliminate the smoking of cigarettes. They have already begun to build a public case for iQOS within several parts of India.

Therefore, due to the fact that there are several alternatives to cigarettes which are available, countries are now getting vocal about their smoke-free ambitions.  According to, India is all set to welcome this new change with high hopes of creating a smoke-free generation.