Recap with Pastor Chris

Beginning with praise always wakes the crowd up, and gets them excited about being in the house of the LORD. Pastor Chris started the evening off with a glorious song that was dedicated to the Lord. After the inspiring praise ceremony to close the year of 2017, Pastor Chris made his entrance. The crowd was over the top and over joyed to witness one of God’s prophets. They were so ecstatic that it took a while for the crowd to settle down.

The year of 2017 offered nothing but prosperity and many blessings. Each and every one of us flourished and experienced Gods favor and protection! It has been amazing, has it not? This year we distributed over 1.3 billion copies of Rhapsody of Realities in over 900 languages WORLD WIDE! A beautiful achievement, it’s always a blessing when you can spread the word of God, all around the world!

Thanks to LOVEWORLD USA, we are able to broadcast the word of God through All networks such as , TV, RADIO, & ACROSS THE INTERNET. Our ministry offers many programs that change the lives of millions of people. Our ministry has a big impact on millions of children and we change lives through the inner city mission. We bring healing and hope to thousands through healing school. And we have trained thousands of ministries through the International School of Ministry.

Those who attended the sermon on 12/31/2017 got to witness Pastor Chris Oyakhilome connect with the Lord. One of the highlights of the event was the sight of so many people who came to see and hear the word of God. Its truly breathtaking and it’s an amazing feeling to see how many people share the same faith as you. And also knowing that these people came to do the same thing you came to do and that was praise and thank the Lord our God! It’s a glorious feeling to be able to reach and speak to people and to convince people to get saved. It’s always good to come into the new year with prayer and a clean slate! Another beautiful moment was when the Future African Leaders Awards were given out. It’s always a blessing to see young leaders making a difference and getting rewarded for it! Most of the times those young leaders do work not for themselves but for others and probably weren’t even expecting to be rewarded for the work they did.

After everyone was rewarded Martin Pk graced the stage to sing his gospel single Beautiful Jesus. And not to mention Sinach joined Martin Pk on stage and sang her song Thankful to the Lord. Her amazing voice filled the crowds hearts with joy and thankfulness. You should never forget all the many things God does. Finally the event ended just as up beat as it started. Pastor Chris came out on stage and Praised the Lord and gave thanks. He closed the event out with prayer. For those people who may have struggled in 2017 may 2018 be your year of triumph and prosperity!