RO Water Purifier – A necessity in every home, hotel, office or any other setup

Each one of us has different priorities, but many have the wrong notion that ‘money’ is the most important thing in life. Money can help you buy materialistic products, but it cannot buy you good health. When it comes to good health, you have to make sure that you eat good food, exercise regularly, and have a regular intake of water. Due to fast-paced life, we tend to less focus on health and take it for granted.

There could be cases where you consume bottled water from a lesser-known company thinking it is safe & pure, but there are chances that it may not be completely purified and consuming the same may cause health implications. Hence, no matter wherever you are; you always prefer to carry ‘water bottle’ along with you. With global industrialization, water in lakes, rivers, & other natural sources of water is contaminated hence not considered safe for direct consumption. This is not an India specific problem, but a problem that had to be solved at a global scale. This led to the invention of ‘water purifiers’ that use RO (Reverse Osmosis) & UV (Ultra Violet) technology to purify the input water (retaining the key ingredients in the water).

As far as RO water purifiers are concerned, they use the ‘Reverse Osmosis’ methodology where a semi-permeable membrane is used to remove impurities in the water. In the RO process, a high amount of pressure is applied to force the water molecules through the membrane. Many people who do not have complete information about water purifiers have the wrong notion that RO treatment removes the important minerals present in the water. On the contrary, proven scientific research shows that RO purification only removes the harmful impurities and retains the important ingredients. There are many companies that manufacture & sell Water filters, RO Water purifier, and UV Water purifier, but you should always use products from a known brand like LivPure.

RO Water purifiers from LivPure have an advanced purification process (6 stages/7 stages) namely – sediment filter, pre-carbon filter cum absorber, RO membrane, UV disinfection column (only if the purifier has UV technology), post-carbon filter, and UF cartridge. Some of the RO water purifiers also have ‘Taste Enhancer’ that enhances the taste of purified water. RO water purifier like ‘LivPure Envy RO Water Purifier’ also has UV & UF (Ultrafiltration) mechanism along with taste enhancer thereby offering multiple layers of filtration. These RO water purifiers are predominantly used for homes since they have good storage capacity. If you own an office or restaurant, you can also opt for commercial RO water purifiers that offer similar functionalities with greater storage capacity.

Some of the widely used water purifiers from LivPure are

  • LivPure Envy Plus RO water purifier
  • LivPure Envy RO water purifier
  • LivPure Smart Touch RO water purifier
  • LivPure Touch 2000 RO water purifier

Based on your budget & water storage requirements, you should opt for the right RO water purifier from LivPure. Before you purchase the water purifier, you can call the executive from LivPure for a demo so that you are well-versed about the features & offerings of the purifier.

RO water purifier which was once considered a luxury has not become a necessity. You should always prefer RO water purifier from a trusted brand like LivPure since they have expertise & excellent customer service.