Top 3 Tips to Stay Fit in Smoldering Heat

Summertime is not the greatest of seasons for grueling workouts, reaching fitness goals, or pretty much doing anything that doesn’t include lounging around on the beach and perhaps swimming in the ocean. However, it’s important to stay fit no matter the weather, and today we explore how you can do just that without putting too much strain on your body. No matter what your age, motivation (anything goes, including widowers dating), or fitness level, you’re bound to find useful tips below.

1.    Work Out After 8 PM

If the smoldering heat persists in the summer months or even in September, working out after 8 PM is a good idea if you want to achieve results without putting your body at any risk. This is especially true if there is cardio involved in your exercise routine. If you like to play sports outside, wait until at least 6:30 if 8 o’clock is too late because there isn’t enough daylight left to see properly. You should take it easy definitely if the temperature is higher than 85 degrees because you run the risk of dehydration no matter how much water you drink. Obviously, our bodies slow down in the summer because high temperatures make it impossible to be at 100 percent all the time. Therefore, work out, but focus more on maintaining your shape, not necessarily improving it. Once the fall hits, you can go nuts at the gym, but take more breaks, shorten your workouts, and listen to your body carefully until then.

2.    Don’t Forget To Drink Plenty of Water

If you’ve developed a habit of bringing a water bottle to the gym, you should be fine staying hydrated during your workouts, even when you feel like there is no way to quench your thirst. On the other hand, if you’re playing soccer or basketball outside, keep your water bottle close to the field so you can take a sip or two every so often. Don’t play any sports if the sun is too strong, but don’t forget to stay hydrated even if it’s setting. If you’re cycling or jogging, take breaks often, and take smaller yet more frequent sips of water. Mind you, sweet drinks such as juices or energy drinks will fill your body with sugar, and only make you thirstier so stick with water to ensure your body can function properly for a summer workout.

3.    Lighten Your Load

Not necessarily the load in your gym bag, but the other load. Summer is the perfect time to drop a few pounds because fresh salads and sugar-free freshly squeezed juices are everywhere. With fresh produce in season, it’s a shame to have a steak for lunch in August! Plus, working out in warmer temperatures has proven to burn more fat than when you exercise in a colder room. If you’re on a mission to lose weight for whatever reason, jogging in the early morning is also an option because it’s not that hot yet, and you’ll see those pounds just melt away.