Weak Immune System What Should You Do!

Only when you fall sick you will realize the importance of being healthy. Becoming healthy is a commitment you make unto yourself. It cannot be achieved overnight and any major change can be done only with small steps. Take a small step towards health every week and follow it religiously. Do introduce new changes in the coming weeks and observe the difference the change has done to your body.

If you go slow and steady then, the effects will be seen remarkably. But the changes may not be visible within two to three months but definitely you can see the changes after some more months. You will start feeling healthy from within and this will reflect on your personality. A healthy mind will shelter itself only in a healthy body and so you become healthy both physically, emotionally and mentally.

When season changes from sunny days to rainy days or from sunny days to cold climates people tend to fall sick. Some may fall sick early while others may not at all fall sick. Cold, cough together with fever strike a person with a weak immune system easily. People with good immune system do not fall sick easily. So to safeguard yourself from such viruses or bacteria you should have good health.

What you should do to improve your immune system


Exercise is not negotiable even in cold climates. If you haven’t started with exercise then start now. Be slow and proceed with small steps. Do not do strenuous activity all at once. Increase your activity level in instalments and you will start feeling better and you will come to such a stage when you feel that you cannot live without exercise.

Personal Hygiene

Wash Your Hands

It is very important to wash your hands before you start with cooking. Wash your hands after using the restroom and also make it a point to maintain dry hands. Wet hands invite bacteria.

Wash Your Legs

Wash your legs when you come from outside. If you have any wounds do not deepen it by pricking it with your hands. Consult your physician and get it bandaged. If it is not dressed properly bacteria might enter the affected area and make it worse.

Get Outside

Even in very cold climates it is advised to be outdoors as if you spend time indoors always your movement will be restricted and it will affect your health.

Reduce Alcohol

Alcohol does not in any way boost your immune system but it does a lot of harm so keep away from it as far as possible.

Wash Vegetables

Wash your vegetables thoroughly under running water to keep off any bacteria sticking to it. Meat should be washed and cleaned and it should be cooked well. Half cooked meat may be carriers of bacteria.


Never miss out on your immunization. Be punctual when it comes to immunization for your children. This can ward off virus infections to a certain extent.



Probiotic is very essential for a strong immune system. So consume yogurt on a daily basis. The good gut bacteria keeps you healthy.


Mushrooms are supposed to boost your immune system. Do consume mushroom at least twice a week.

Fruits And Vegetables

A diet rich in an array of fruits and vegetables is rich in antioxidants. So use them lavishly and take at least three types of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.


It is found that those who have garlic on a daily basis are resistant to cold and flu. So scientists recommend taking garlic in your daily diet.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Your body cannot store vitamin C so consume some citrus fruits on a daily basis.


Sleep on time preferably early to bed. Have a sleep routine fixed and stick to it. If you are rested adequately then you will be energetic the following day. An 8 hours sleep schedule is recommended.

Minimize Stress

Try to minimize stress and enrol yourself in some activity so that you will feel relaxed and less stressed. If you are stressed out do seek professional help.

Positive Thoughts

Drain away all negative thoughts from your mind as negative thoughts make you sick and it will also drain away your energy. So always make it a habit to think positive.


Do take vitamin supplements in the form of pills. Sometimes you may not be consuming the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D

It is very essential for people living in very cold climates as their exposure to sunlight is very less. So take supplements. If you can get sunlight then, it is the best.

Clean House

Do clean your house at regular intervals. If your hygiene is low then there are sure chances of getting sick.

So follow these tips to boost your immune system.