What is Complete Blood Count Test? What is its purpose?

CBC blood test stands for Complete Blood Count Test which helps to screen certain health disorders. If the test is not carried out, the health-related disorders can severely impact your health. As the name suggests, the blood test can count the number of blood cells or tracks the increase or decrease of the blood cell. Well, the normal count of blood cells tends to vary as per the gender and the age of the person. Through the lab report, you may come to know what the normal count is. The test is valuable as it helps to diagnose a wide range of diseases from an infection to anemia and cancer.

What are the three types of blood cells?

When there is a massive change in the level of blood cells, the doctor can track that there is some medical condition. Other tests may be prescribed to confirm it. The test helps the medical professionals to find the health disorders or issues. Through the test, the levelof blood cells or blood cell count is found out. The following are the types:

  • The test can find the level of Red Blood Cells in the bloodstream. RBC or Red Blood Cells helps in carrying oxygen to various parts of the body and eliminates carbon dioxide. The test will constitute two main components, namely, the hemoglobin level and hematocrit level. If there is lower count of hemoglobin and hematocrit, it suggests anemia and something needs to be done quickly.
  • White Blood Cells or WBC fights the body infection. The test helps to find out the total count of WBC and the types of WBC. If there is any abnormal increase or decrease of WBC or any peculiar type of WBC, it suggests cancer or inflammation or some kind of infection
  • Platelets in the blood also play a vital role. It helps in blood clotting when there is a cut or injury on the skin. If the number of platelets is less, there will be heavy bleeding and the bleeding won’t stop.

So, you may understand how very important the Complete Blood Count Test is.

The purpose of the test

Thyroid test is prescribed when the doctor suspects hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Similarly, the Complete Blood Count Test is prescribed only when there is definitive purpose. The test is ordered to help the doctor in the following ways:

  • The test evaluates the overall health of the person. The doctor can get to know about any medical condition which may be affecting your health
  • if there is any symptom like weakness, feeling of fatigue or tiredness, the doctor may order this test
  • if you are being diagnosed with any health condition, the doctor can order Complete Blood Count Test to monitor the condition and find how well the body responds to the treatment

What conditions may be diagnosed through this test?

The Blood Count Test can help to diagnose conditions like heart problem, vitamin, iron and mineral deficiency in the body, problem in the bone marrow, cancer, autoimmune disorder and others. The test is valuable and helps in the diagnosis of the condition, progress of certain disease.

The blood test is ordered commonly. It finds the count of various kinds of cells in bloodstream. Just like TB vaccination may be carried out in various health settings, the test may be performed in different settings.