What Is Domestic Violence And Signs That You’re A Victim

Most of the facts you’re getting from your social media accounts and local news are how different people have become victims of different acts of domestic violence. You understand that regardless of a person’s social standing or educational background, anyone can still fall victim to domestic violence – and of course, you would never want these to happen to you. You know that even with one incident of violence, you can be affected for life. To paint a clearer picture of what really is domestic violence and the signs associated with it, consider the information below:

What Is Domestic Violence?

Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence isn’t only about physical abuse, it’s more than that. Domestic violence is any type of behavior that aims to gain control, power, and authority over a partner, spouse or family member. Abuse in the domestic violence context is a learned behavior. This means that the abuse isn’t caused by anger, alcohol, drugs, mental problems, and other reasons – it’s intentional and inflicted by one person to another.

How Can You Tell If You’re A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

Given that there are different types of domestic violence, it can be hard to pinpoint if you’re already a victim. The relationship you have with your partner might seem normal to you, but for others, it’s already abusive in some way. To consider this and to determine if you’re a victim of domestic violence, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your partner embarrass you or put you down, especially when you’re in public?

  1. Does your partner look at you or act in ways that make you feel scared or uncomfortable?

  1. Does your partner control what you do every day, which includes who you’re allowed to see or where you’ll go?

  1. Does your partner stop you whenever you’re about to see your friends or family members?

  1. Does your partner ask for money, refuse to give you your money, or keep all of your paycheck leaving you basically with nothing?

  1. Does your partner make all the decisions in the relationship without even considering how you are and how you feel?

  1. Does your partner threaten to hurt you or take away your child whenever you don’t agree with his/her terms?

  1. Does your partner prevent you from going to school or work?

  1. Does your partner intimidate you with weapons such as guns and knives?

  1. Does your partner shove, slap, choke or hit you?

If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, it’s a telltale sign that you’re a victim of domestic violence. And since you have that one figured out already, you can now take measures to ensure that you’ll no longer suffer from any kind of abuse in the long run. Don’t wait for things to worsen and act immediately.

Domestic violence is a serious matter and should never be taken lightly. Once you’ve determined that you’re a victim of domestic violence, immediately work with a domestic violence lawyer like this one here. Once you hire one to work on your behalf, you can guarantee that your case will be fought properly in court, which can result in positive outcomes that will side your party.

In Conclusion

Domestic violence comes in different forms and types. This is probably the reason why you should always be wary of the things that are happening around you and the people you’re mingling with on a daily basis – you would never want to become a victim of domestic violence without you even knowing it, right? Regard the information in this article and assess if you’re a victim of domestic violence. Never allow someone to hurt you in any way because even if the violence happened once, other aspects of your life would be affected in the long run if you don’t do anything about it.