A Cannabidiol Way of Life

The overarching goal of human existence is to minimize pain and to maximize pleasure. Be it physical or emotional, pain is something that we are all familiar with and it might be safe to say it’s not something we like. In an attempt to improve the human experience, people have turned to home remedies for answers. What we have found in this search is a little something called Marijuana. A plant, with psycho active properties, that hosts over 113 different chemicals and just so happens to be an excellent choice against all pains.

Marijuana has been accredited with pain management, depression relief, anti-anxiety, and other mood altering and life enhancing properties. Marijuana has also been called the devils lettuce and even classified as an illegal substance (in some places around the world). This leave us, the consumers, in a state of ambivalence; should we or should we not indulge in this substance? To be able to understand whether we should, we need to understand the who, what, why, when, where and how of this concept.

Let’s start off with the not so great. Marijuana has developed a negative identity among countries that are 1 & 2 world (namely America, United Kingdom, and so on). to put things in perspective, in the United States, 11 states allow for recreational use and 33 allow for medical use, 6 more are still in no-man’s land as to its proclamation. The reasoning as to why this is so is understandable from the standpoint of the government; yet, as the clock pushes forward these same entities that initially degraded and denounced Marijuana are now turning their ears to science in search of answers. Certainly, smoking Marijuana gets people feeling High, but what else can marijuana be used for?

Cannabinoids are the “goodies” that make us desire marijuana. One of these “good” chemicals you might have heard of already, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the leading psychoactive compound that makes users of marijuana feel that “HIGH”. For those that do not like to feel subdued, there are great news; another chemical compound within marijuana has been identified to carry all the quality-of-life enhancing properties and minimal-to-none traces of the psycho active ones. Hello CBD.

CBD or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid byproduct that as of 2018 been clinically trialed to help with movement disorders, pain, cognition, and anxiety. CBD can be consumed in a variety of ways from inhalation of burning marijuana to a spray, but by far the most popular way of ingestion is in the form of cbd oil. Commonly smoked thought an electronic cigarette / smoking device, the oils have been rolled out commercially across the world.

If you like to lead a natural way of life or just loves Marijuana, then maybe it is time to explore just how much CBD might improve the quality of life. Remove pain, relieve anxiety, enhance mental focus and just feel great; sounds like a recipe for greatness. Who knows where your answers might lay, a new life awaits, it’s your move to make?

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