Buying & Selling Gold & Silver Bullion in Melbourne

Buying & Selling Gold & Silver Bullion in Melbourne

Buying & Selling Gold & Silver Bullion in Melbourne

According to Kitco News, the official Mint in Australia recorded a decrease in the amount of gold and silver bullion sold in 2017. This was not just limited to Australia but the entire world. In 2018 the volatility of the stock market has been reported to increase while the silver value has been rising. What this means is that it is time to possibly cash out and sell bullion?

Can the stability of the precious metal bullion be assured?

The truth is that it cannot but the performance it has shown over time shows a
lot of promise. According to a Bank Credit Analyst report, silver has outperformed stocks 79% of the time when periods of negative equity occur. During rising volatility periods, silver has outperformed equities by 64%. With these risks on the increase right now and silver making new high’s this could be an opportunity to make a nice profit on your silver bullion holdings. Silver is quite volatile and can out perform in a crisis which makes this the perfect time to cash out your silver bullion investment. Even if you are not so sure about the longer term outlook you could always put your money back into silver bullion once the price drops down!

Why not move to cryptocurrency?

This is the newest frenzy in the market but does it live up to what it promises? The truth is that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are good investment opportunities but they are just too volatile. Their value can rise and fall manyfold within hours. This means you can easily lose money in this trade. But you can also earn. Why not try it? It has not been tried and tested unlike precious metal bullion market which has been around for centuries and has proven to be of great value to investors.

How to Sell bullion.

Now that you know silver is at all time highs you must be wondering how you can get started to sell your silver bullion. Here is a step by step guide on selling silver bullion in Melbourne.

The first step is talking to a reputable bullion dealer like Melbourne Gold Company. You can do so through our website, phone us or simply come to our store and pay us a visit. If you phone let us know what precious metal it is that you would like to sell and we can tell you it’s approximate value. After that, come into the store with your silver bullion for us to test and assess. Once the staff have assessed the value of your silver bullion in relation to the spot price, you need to advise how you would like to be paid. Most people choose to be paid in cash or for larger transaction you will be paid by bank transfer. After showing ID and getting paid the transaction is complete. It’s as simple as that!

Don’t forget a gold bullion dealer like Melbourne Gold Company will happily welcome you back when the time is right to buy silver bullion again, so don’t be afraid if you feel the need to sell some silver bullion.

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