Online Cricket Satta – How To Play

There are many types of online cricket Satta and each is associated with a risk factor. Read on to find out what the types are and how to play them with the risk factor.

Sports betting can be fun and can help you win money if you have a high knowledge of cricket. But before you do so, you need to know the types of bets to see which one can fetch you more money or which one you are good at.

  • Money line betting

You need to anticipate the winner of the match in money line betting, thus making these types of wagers one of the most popular ones. Money lines are always marked as an integer and a sign. In a positive line, you need to bet INR100 for an opportunity to win the for the amount listed on the portal, and in a negative line, you need … Read the rest

Top 5 Sports for People With a Disability

Sports and regular physical activity are two crucial ingredients for a healthy life. This is exactly why so many men and women play various sports on a professional and recreational level. However, there are millions of disabled singles and people with permanent injuries, who crave physical activity but simply can’t find a sport they can enjoy on a regular basis. If you’re one of them, feel free to stick around and check out these 5 sports every disabled person can enjoy.


No, we’re not talking about mini golf; we’re talking about real golf on real courses. This adaptive form of golf is a perfect type of recreation for disabled people because it can be performed in both a standing and sitting position. There are golf carts that can help players to stabilize their bodies, thus allowing them to swing the club freely and achieve great results. There are also … Read the rest

Why Winter Bicycling is the healthiest thing you can do in the winter

For most of us, winter is all about warm coffee, cozy blankets and lazy days.  The bed- obsession of people, goes on its peak, and the level of inactivity is at its highest in winters.

However, besides the very common winter routines of most people, there are some exceptions who love to enjoy winter differently.

Some fitness freaks love winter biking and this is something we all should learn from them. It is pleasing to be in the blanket all day, but some level of activeness can save you from being overweight and various other problems.

So this article will cover 6 benefits of winter biking but if you want to learn about basics of winter biking, find what are the do’s and don’ts – check the attached article.

1. Improves your mood

Cold weather and shorter days can lead to depression.

Bicycling in winter, enjoying the weather and … Read the rest