May the Stink Be With! What You Ought to Know About Natural Fertilizer

Whether your garden is for pleasure or for profit, for food or for foliage, so that hummingbirds and bumblebees can dance around your family home and bring a couple smiles here and there, or because you’re inclined to the interesting task of creating your own essential oils and makeup company, the fertilizer you use is going to make all the difference in the product you provide. It’s not just about the “natural” label, it’s about giving back to the earth that’s allowing you the opportunity to farm on it so that it is healthy enough to keep providing you with that opportunity so long as you find the time and desire for it. Don’t soil your dreams of becoming the owner of a truly outstanding garden by wasting your valuable time, money, energy, and hard work on a garden that won’t bloom to your standard. You deserve nothing but the very best for your garden’s greatest good and natural fertilizers make up a whole world of difference.

Taste the Fruit of Your Labors!

Any organic fertilizer feeds our earth just as much as they feed our plants. If all you’re using are chemical products, you’re going to be taking away from the natural resources the earth has already given to you. An already finite amount of macrobiotic activity is going to be actively stripped from the planet and it is going to affect your harvest as well as that plot of land for its capabilities of growing anything at all. Just like over-farming can be a shot in the foot, so can using inorganic materials as fertilizers, so when you’re prepping your soil with fertilizer, the loose organic material that leaves room for a lot more moisture to be kept in and close to your roots and root vegetables is going to give you a lot more growth for a lot less work. Equally, any produce you grow, especially root vegetables, are going to have a noticeably more intense, rich flavor that is unaffected by the harsh chemicals that were in your overly processed, inorganic fertilizers.

I Love You A Bushel and A Peck!

You don’t want to add to the deterioration of pliable land that can be adequately used to grow and harvest your produce, and you certainly don’t want to be working harder than you have to for minuscule yields of that already strenuous labor. The truth is in the dirt, and the truth is that a labor of love is always going to catch you better results than a labor of headaches, back aches, unmentionable aches, and other unnecessary stress. Don’t make yourself work harder than you have to. Being a conscious gardener is going to save both you and the planet in the long run, so why even bother struggling when you don’t have to? Organic fertilizers are an investment for everyone’s future. Stop thinking, and act today. Find your favorite local seller today and let’s get digging!

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