Synastry – A Guide to Horoscope Compatibility

We are all worried when it comes to trusting people, or hopeful otherwise. Mankind journey to find its purpose and destiny is embodied in our innate curiosity to know things. In astrological horoscope which deals with predictions about one’s future and determination of destiny. There is one field in astrology which deals with the compatibility of two people and their relationship. This includes friendship, romantic relationships, family relations, etc. That field is called Synastry, which will be discussed thoroughly in this article.

Synastry: What does it tell us?

Like many practices in astrology, Synastry is also the study of birth horoscopes and astrological charts to predict the long compatibility of two people. Numerous factors are taken into consideration to know fully what the terms in the relationship might mean. There is no rush in learning the intricate system to predict horoscopes, and with patience, you can easily get the hang of it.

Synastry is not the prediction if the relationship will pass or fail but rather it focuses on how it can be mended and those areas which need working on can be sorted out. It is the individuals concerned who are in control to decide whether it will pass or fail. Therefore, many viewpoints, attitude, character are assessed to carefully devise a horoscope that could help the individuals in their life.

Synastry primary concern is to point out the differences and help realizes the mistakes and weak points in a relationship. It then gives a throughout analysis on how to fix it and not let it escalate. All this with the help of Astrological birth charts by analyzing the movements of planets and determining the driving force of life influencing the couple.

Venus and the Goddess of Love:

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love, which shows purity, clarity, oneness, and of course, beauty. It reigns over the most important feeling, which is love. This is the root of all the pleasures, and the reason for every destruction caused. Therefore, to determine the compatibility factor between two people, Venus is taken as a reference with other planets to point out the status which they couple are in clearly.

Since Venus rules Attraction, in astrology, it will help to understand and analyzing relationships. Venus is the vital core in Synastry. Venus is used in comparison with factors like angles, luminaries, which are known as ascendants. These are taken in reference with other planets to judge the similarities and difference between individuals.

What is Ascendant?

Ascendant might be a particularly new word when it comes to discussing horoscopes and astrology which we all know about. Fret not, for it is aterm used to point the precise location of our signs on the zodiac sign wheel. This is done for the moment of birth; it means the knowledge of the sign, which was rising over the horizon now of your birth. For example, if you are a Libra Ascendant, then it was Libra, which was rising on the horizon. 

Ascendant is important in knowing the similarity or difference between the zodiac ascendants. A typical example would be if you were born somewhere in Florida at 5 pm on August 1st, 1993 then you were a Leo ascendant. If your partner has zodiac sign, Leo, then this is also a precursor to a compatible relationship.

Venus and other Planets:

To know about short term relationship compatibility synastry uses the predictions based on inner planets. These are some of the major indicators of how the relationship goes.


Venus-Sun shows us how a relationship is bright and happy. They share many happy moments and are grateful for what they have. They are essentially contended and spend their life in harmony. 

Venus – Moon

Venus – Moon tells us how it is necessary for the couple to be with each other to cater to each other happiness. Because it is then in their relationship that they can be happy and able to care for each other to the fullest.

Venus – Mercury

Venus – Mercury indicates the similarities that are found between the couple and how they should share it more often. They have mutual interests, and that needs to be the core topic of their discussion to know each other better.

Venus – Venus

Venus – Venus this scores the highest among relationship compatibilities. It is as if two lovebirds who are made of each other. Their relationship is full of romance and constant support for each other. They are the perfect couple who strives to be together.


Venus-Mars is a rather difficult relationship to predict since it can be described as volatile. They might have many conflicts which can be dangerous. This can be resolved by not being frustrated by everything and trying to calm things down through proper discussion.

Venus – Jupiter

Venus – Jupiter shows how lucky a couple can be in terms of fortune and happiness. They’re fun-loving and adventure seeking couple. They are tolerant of each other behavior and seeks thrill in life. They forgive each other easily and let go of any past grudges. They do have high expectations of each other, and they do prove themselves to be worthy, but this can also be a little off since keeping it consistent is what makes the problem often.

Venus – Saturn

Venus – Saturn both seem to have an ego or pride related situation. This is the cause of a power struggle between them.

Venus- Uranus

Venus- Uranus can be a bit of a drag when it goes to the long term as the couples usually lose feelings. This can be problematic after time.

Venus – Neptune

Venus – Neptune similarly Neptune also indicates a charming, exotic, and exciting start, but then it slowly loses its energy, and the couple feels each other as a burden.


Venus-Pluto shows how it is to live in a relation, have its ups and downs, and still get the best of it. They both have willingly submitted themselves to each other and transform each other lives by constantly helping through their life. They indeed are a brave and determined couple.

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