What is it About Smoking a Pipe?

What is it About Smoking a Pipe?

Smoking has been around for centuries, really since the dawn of time. What devices we use now are all tied to the original tobacco pipe. To find out how smoking has stood the test of time, let’s take a look back into its history. Yes, even smoking has a history that affected our society today.

Looking at Smoking from History

Smoking from a pipe is tasting or inhaling the smoke produced by burning tobacco or other substances. Native Americans have smoked a peace pipe that seals peace treaty deals since before European interaction. Europeans put the art of pipe smoking into practice sometime in the 16th century, quickly influencing other countries. However, Africans have used gourds for smoking since before we knew about it in 1884. Thus, proving traditional smoking in most cultures has occurred for a long time

Over time we have made advances in how we smoke and what we use to burn substances for smoking purposes. There are about seven different types of pipe devices used for inhaling. Chillums which are small and portable while allowing only a few hits. Dry pipes or Spoons are also transferable due to it detachable three-piece unit consisting of a bowl, mouthpiece and carb. Bubblers are filled with water allowing smoke to pass through it for easy hits. Spubblers or Chubblers are a cross between a Spoon and Bubbler type pipe combining the best of both worlds. Beaker Bongs are filled with large amounts of water and have a beaker type base to enable more drag from the smoke.

Smoke Tubes are of equal size all around using small water amounts with some not even having stems. The final type is called Stemless Bongs which are more durable when using or transporting due to is built because the stem is enclosed, but this doesn’t allow for the downstream flow Aside from pipes there are also other apparatuses used for tasting the burned tobacco or whatever one enjoys. Which type sounds good to you and how would you decide in which way you would become an owner of it?

Where are These Devices Available?

In most cities you would visit an establishment that sells these products. Usually that would be a Tobacco Store, Smoke Shop or Hookah Bar. With a company, such as pipes wheat ridge co there will be a variety of choices in your area. Available stock varies with each area with a lot depending on its usual buyers. Pricing is another matter that depends on the area and customer base. Advice would be to do your research. When all is said any company gives choices when dealing with Smoke shops.

In review throughout this article the focus has been on smoking. We have explored how its history has impacted our modern world. There was then a review of types of smoking pipes and what makes them unique. Ending with Colorado and its variety of choices when it comes to places to purchase pipes.

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